Make in India

With India taking new strides towards development under the leadership of our Hon. Prime Minister, a very large number of you people outside India are keen to setup your operations in India. Environment for setting up business in India has not always been very investor friendly and investor have to face a lot of bureaucratic and other hurdles to setup and run their businesses in India.

However, we at Fourth Dimension Service Solutions help you pass this phase in a very smooth manner and setup and run your enterprise comfortably in India. Our pan India presence physically helps you get localized service across India. Our flexible solutions enable us to suit all sizes of business enterprises with varied levels of service.

Our services include:

1. Getting your company/LLP incorporated through registrar of companies

2. Getting your company/LLP registered under Income Tax department

3. Getting your company/LLP registered under local sales tax/VAT/Service Tax/ Excise

4. Getting your company/LLP registered for Import Export purposes and application for government benefits

5. Help you open bank account in India

6. Arrangement of term loans and various types of bank limits for you

7. Other necessary allied services needed by our clients


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