Direct & Indirect Taxation

As accountants our role includes not only preparing financial statements and tax returns but also working with you to ensure that both the periodic taxes and the taxes out of income are at the lowest possible level and are duly paid on time. This is one of the way to retain the biggest slice of your wealth to spend or save. Not only it is necessary to ensure that everything is accounted for in compliance with the various statutory requirements, it is also important to make the most of every opportunity to maximize your income and minimize your Tax Liability by claming various exemption & deductions.

Our services on taxation matters encompass consultancy on taxation matters as well as handling the grassroot level execution of a vast range of tax requirements, covering diverse statutes. We provide pragmatic solutions for Indian companies, expatriates, Non-Resident and Resident Indians. In this endeavor we are immensely helped by our extensive knowledge of taxation practices and procedures followed worldwide and our regular interaction with the Indian tax authorities.
In addition to tax planning consultancy, FDSS monitors and attends to all the compliance requirements of individual/corporate clients with respect to provisions of Indian Tax Laws. 
We are fully geared to provide administrative assistance on matters such as Permanent Account Numbers, Refund Orders, Rectification Orders, Income Tax Clearance Certificates, Registration Certificates, tax scrutiny assessments and other tax regulatory clearances. 
Such an experience base enables us to offer investment consultancy, portfolio management services, remuneration structuring options and fiduciary services to its clients including Non-Residence Indians.