Refund/Cancellation Policy does not refund any fees paid towards the issuance of a Digital Certificate after the issuance of the Certificate. may refuse to issue a Certificate to any person, at its sole discretion, without incurring any liability or responsibility for any loss or expenses arising out of such refusal. Upon a refusal to issue a Certificate, will refund to the Certificate Applicant any paid Certificate fees, unless the Certificate Applicant submitted fraudulent or falsified information to the RA or failed to submit documentary evidence in support of the Certificate Application within 15 days of the application. In such a case the fee will not be refunded. Any claim for refund will not be entertained in case of any wrong data entry done by the subscriber which causes no or wrong data entry in certificate.

Request for refund of payment made to FDSS must be made within 5 business days of date of payment. Your request for a refund terminates your rights to use the services and any related warranties. Refund of the fees you paid to is the maximum relief granted in any event, including but not limited to computation error, printing error, filing error, filing delay, data leakage, security breach, data loss, or non availability of service